River Conditions (09/10)

Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby Rob Harrison » 25 May 2009 16:14

Few more shots... some different areas...

Spot the x3 Barbel!
Spot the HUGE Chub...
OK this one not so difficult!!
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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby barbelbloke » 25 May 2009 21:11

lovely pics..
drooling at the mouth like homer simpson looking at those.. :)
roll on the 16th..
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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby Jedd Hughes » 26 May 2009 17:54

Hi Chaps

I also walked the bank yesterday down Avoncliffe way and did not spot any barbel but did spot some large chub and a couple of large carp. Checked out a few of the swims I usually fish and they looked spot on.

Looking forward to the 16th.

It was this big
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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby browny » 04 Jun 2009 22:53

Been looking around Dundas / Monkton Coombe area and I reckon the river is lacks a lot of clarity that you would expect given the recent weather and the level of the river. Has anyone else noticed or do I just need to get some new polaroids? :?:


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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby RobS » 11 Jun 2009 05:47

I have been walking the Frome at least once a week, from the confluence with the Avon upstream. Have not seen many fish at all above Peradins Mill, but saw two large hens receiving a lot of attention from at least 8 smaller males. This was the other Saturday morning in about a foot of water just above the bridge at the Inn at Freshford, also plenty of other fish downstream in the last couple of hundred yards before the fish go into the Avon. Similar sights up at Peradins. Mostly small fish by Avon standards -males; 2lb to 4lb and females 5lb to 8lb. But it tends to support the idea that the lower Frome acts as a nursery for the Avon.

Tight lines all

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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby jackfoxy » 11 Jun 2009 08:57

What are the levels/visibility like today?? I'm planning a walk along a couple of areas tomorrow possibly but don't want to bother if there is no visibility.


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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby simonb » 11 Jun 2009 21:56

Hi to everybody. I am new to this site but have been fishing the BA for 3 years now.
I walked the river this pm and found it was still quite coloured away from the weirs but it was possible to spot fish in a few shallow areas. I saw one barbel getting its head down for some pellets and will be looking to catch up with it come midnight next week.

Good luck to everybody on opening night.

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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby NMD » 13 Jun 2009 14:01

limpley stoke last night
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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby NMD » 14 Jun 2009 06:55

As you can see from my picture water is very low and still got a bit of algae bloom, there were a few barbel seen at the top end lots of chub all very hungry. Weed growth was good.
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Re: River Conditions (09/10)

Postby Mooks » 14 Jun 2009 12:42


Looks awesome mate wish l lived closer...only seen it on the DVDs..and only seen spawning barbs on the swale..
Jealous....you bet l am.... :)

Good luck avon barbelers..
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