Unfished French carp

"The Carp is the queen of rivers; a stately, a good, and a very subtil fish; that was not at first bred, nor hath been long in England, but is now naturalised."

Sir Isaac Walton

Unfished French carp

Postby Hardgraf » 24 Aug 2009 23:26

Two weeks ago a French friend of mine informed me that his dad had recently bought a lake near Lyon.

He went home to France armed with my questions re fishing his dad's new aquisition. He's just returned & informed me that we are free to go over & fish whenever we want. The lake is in a rural location & about 3 acres in size. It's surrounded by woodland & has never been fished. His uncle has told him 'The lake has carps to over 20kg' :shock: however, we're unsure as to numbers of 'carps'.

We gave his dad a ring tonight explaining how to prepare chick peas, hemp & bait a shallow swim.

Just a matter of waiting for his findings. I'm quite excited to say the least! :D
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Re: Unfished French carp

Postby Rob Harrison » 25 Aug 2009 13:05

Lucky git! ;) Get yourself over there for a weekend Tom....
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